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The dragon of Dewisland has roared in Solva!

After the biggest public meeting in Solva for a generation, the voice of Dewisland is ringing loud: NO to DARC radar!The turnout that had to be seen to be believed.


We are Pembrokeshire. And we stand against the radar.

The 'United States Space Force'one of Donald Trump's many 'big-brain genius' inventionshas proposed one of the most health-hazardous, tourism-ruining, skyline-blighting military installations ever proposed anywhere in the UK: a gigantic 27-dish radar network, named DARC, in the heart of our St. Davids peninsula.

The DARC radars proposed, as tall and wide as multi-storey buildings, would cumulatively produce radiation so powerful that scientific studies show the array would undoubtedly be unsafe for human residential habitation.

It gets worse.

The US military’s submitted scoping plans go as far as to report, specifically, that they are trying to build a radar installation that would literally tower over the very skylines of Newgale beach and Solva harbour themselves. Shocked enough yet?

It gets worse-er.

If this were not enough, a lack of clarity concerning the micrositing and radar-to-radar distance requirements of the plans actually reveals not only that the gigantic radars would span over a staggering kilometre (10 football pitches) of space, but could even stretch over the very horizon of St Davids Airfield and the Preseli mountains itself.


In early 1990, faced with an over-the-horizon radar array that involved plans almost identical to DARC today, local residents in Whitchurch, Solva and St. Davids banded together to create PARC: Pembrokeshire Against the Radar Campaignand by 1991, after a campaign that became so viral and national that it ended with then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher herself being forced to cancel the radar project, PARC won, and defeated the entire radar programme.

Well now for the great news. PARC is back, baby. We're here with a new generation, a new purpose, and a fight we are ready to win.

Here in Pembrokeshire, we have always been a people who have stood up for our land at the moment when it matters. We took on the MOD, we defeated the US military, and with your help, we can, and we will, make DARC history.

The people stood together then. It's time to stand together now!

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Lobbying local and national decision-makers is one of the most effective ways to campaign. And it's super quick. Give it a go!

DARC: It's not just wrong for Pembrokeshire. It's wrong for Everywhereshire.

Public health
DARC’s combined radiation levels would be completely inappropriate for the residential area of Pembrokeshire

Peer-reviewed scientific research studies done in the UK, the US, Rome and South Korea (to name just a few) are part of a body of thousands of studies that show one thing: people living in closer proximity to high-frequency, high power density radiofrequency radiation sources (just like DARC) are at a significantly and consistently increased risk of cancer, especially leukaemia.

Even the US military responsible for DARC itself has had to admit it: both in the form of its own studies of its personnel contracting cancer while operating radar equipment, and in all the compensation it has been forced to pay its victims.

But that’s only the start. The intensively construction-heavy process of building an unprecedentedly gigantic 27-dish radar farm also threatens to disturb and pollute the groundwater with decades of military-grade contamination, including radon, uranium and Strontium-90, buried in the ground of the Brawdy base.

And with the very private water company responsible for the base’s water showing a track record of having to say sorry for polluting the very drinking water of residents close to other MOD military bases with contaminants the MOD have refused to specify, we can be clear about one thing:

DARC radar is the disaster waiting to not happen.

Read on to discover more!

Tourism, environment and economy
DARC’s huge radars would be visible everywhere, permanently ruining the atmosphere, environment and property values of Pembrokeshire

Sick bags at the ready: take a quick look in this section at our mock-up photos of what 27 radars over an entire kilometre would do to the skylines for Newgale, Solva, Whitesands, Penycwm, Roch, Trefgarn Owen, Llandeloy and Treffynnon—just, maybe, leave it a few hours after lunch!

And then there’s the 100 jobs, which are only 60 jobs at any one time, which are mostly for American specialists and not locals, which are actually part of a massive 300 job loss… that actually turns out to be… a huge job cut. Sounds… great?

Instead of job losses, though, at PARC we have a much better idea for the base they’re leaving behind. Brawdy Enterprise Park was formed the last time the military left Brawdy, and business is booming.

Why not make the soon empty Brawdy base a huge hub for inspiring new local business, increasing prosperity and tourism income—instead of axing both with DARC?

That would be another way of better protecting the huge range of animal and plant species in and around the Brawdy site, some of them rare and highly notable, whose place to live and thrive as part in our community and ecology DARC radar would turn into yet more ghost habitats in a world where we need the total opposite to happen.

Read on to see the pics, and discover how we fight back!

Global security
Most countries agree: the US domination of space DARC is for is a fading, colonial era vision that makes our changing world less, not more safe

DARC, a space scanning system the US wants to use to attack other nations’ satellites in space, is not just the latest pointless sabre-rattling vanity project aimed at entirely optional space expansionism Washington is trying to palm the UK (and Pembrokeshire) off with.

Aside from being a piece of international aggression most of the world’s nations in the UN have been voting against, DARC also, by threatening to create dangerous amounts of space debris, creates a unique risk.

The satellites it is designed to provide targeting for the destruction of, scientists are urgently warning, could easily lead to a deadly global chain reaction-induced cloud of obliterated satellite debris so huge it could prevent humanity from going back to space for potentially decades.

The clueless US, which in its scoping report refers to St Davids and Swansea as ‘the nearest towns’ (really?), seems to think we’re just a bunch of random farmsteads that don’t matter here in Dewisland, and not a populated area, and one of Wales’s most key pieces of tourist infrastructure. And we’re here to give it the memo.

Read on to find out more!

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